Monday, May 02, 2011

Weekend Wonders

The weekend has been one of good news and wonder. Shana and I had planned to go into Boston and visit the Science Museum, but before we took off we ran a few errands, and were therefore available to meet with our Realtor.  The owner of the house we'd made an offer on came back with a counter offer, and we needed to meet with Sue to respond. We needed to stay on the Cape in case we needed to sign anything else, so we chose to go to Provincetown for the weekend instead. We came to an agreement with the homeowner, and we've got a contract! I need to get the ball rolling for our mortgage, but since we are preapproved for more than we'll need that should roll right along. This is the little house we've buying.  We should be closing on June 30.

We had a really nice weekend in Provincetown.  We had a nice dinner and an early night Saturday, and made a reservation for brunch and a whale watching tour Sunday.  Sunday was cool and brilliant, so we spent the time between brunch and our (sunset) whale watching cruise idling around town visiting the shops and galleries of Commercial Street.  There's a lot to see and it's a very attractive town.  One thing that I did not realize is that on the pier there is a Pirate Museum which I will surely visit next time we are in town.  Knowing that it would be really cold out on the ship we also bought some terrifying hats at Marine Specialties.  I have to go there every time I am in town - they sell everything from tide charts to vintage prom dresses.

What we did see was plenty of whales.  We saw about a dozen Right Whales - at a distance because they are endangered and ships are not allowed to come closer than 500 yards.  I should have brought binoculars but when we left the house we were not planning to need them.  Farther out we saw a group of  feeding Humpback Whales which we could observe at much closer range.  We stayed near them for quite a while - it was so exciting.  My pictures stink, of course, and don't give a hint of the thrill that the whales themselves provided. Really the best thing about my pictures is that the color is true - the Atlantic Ocean really is that beautiful deep blue. If you double click on my pictures you can enlarge them to get a better look at the beautiful whales. There was also a Fin Whale and a Minke Whale and loads of Atlantic White-Sided Dolphins, which look quite different to the Bottlenose Dolphins I've seen so often in Florida.


jaykaym said...

Hooray on your new home!

j_schmidt said...

You're moving into a pirate museum? My boys will be so jealous!

j_schmidt said...

Oops! I guess it isn't the pirate museum, but it's very cute just the same! Congratulations! :)

. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

Hurrah for the house. It looks like you'll have a lot of room. Keep smiling through the inevitable ups and downs of the actual purchasing.

Whale watching is amazing, isn't it?