Thursday, May 05, 2011

Another Budget Idea for Us

I ran across an interesting little video about the current budget negotiations. Some of us are passing this around so our readers are likely to get a look at it, and maybe realize that Progressives are still around and full of ideas.

I've been frittering around on the Internet considering options for our new house and trying to put things into a reasonable order dependent on actual need and budget constraints. It's really hard to be ruthless, especially since Shana and I each have our own pet projects. On the garden front we are fortunate enough to be able to raid her mother's garden for a couple of mature hydrangeas and some additional "starts" from existing bushes. I'm hoping to also score some divisions of her perrenials to not only have a good beginning on our own gardens but also to have the sentimental pleasure of growing some things from her garden. We can also claim some household items to round out the selection we brought out with us.

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