Friday, September 30, 2022

Florida Memories

The Little Woman and I vacationed in Southwest Florida every summer for about 20 years. Marco Island was our paradise. Usually we flew into Fort Myers, which at that time was an adorable little airport, and our preferred start to our trip. Occasionally we had to come in via Miami, driving across the Tamiami Trail.  I can say with confidence that I don’t recommend it at night. Any time we passed that way in daylight we stopped at the Miccosukee Restaurant, which was either the best or the worst restaurant in ever, depending on the trip. For sure it was the only one for miles in any direction. The last time we passed through I enjoyed my stop so much I picked up my favorite mug. I hear these days they have a nice travel plaza which seems to be thriving. I’m glad to hear they are doing well, and think of them every time I pick up my mug, picture to appear in a second post because Blogger. 

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Adventure Close to Home

I have the good fortune to live on Beautiful Cape Cod. It's an unusual place to live. As a tourist destination the year round population of 220,000 supports 4-5 million visitors, most arriving in July and August. The fall shoulder season is also becoming much more popular. September used to be our best kept secret - the best time to go to the beaches, shops and restaurants with very few tourists. Sadly, our secret is gradually getting out. Once you get past mid October things start to close for the season, and the winter season is very quiet indeed.

Because nearly all the activities: festivals, parades, etc. happen "in season" we do have to venture out occasionally among the tourists and "summer people". Yesterday was one of those days. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution operates year round, doing all kinds of research in concert with all kinds of universities and the U.S. Navy, but it's in August that they have their "Science Stroll". The Science Stroll is comprised of all kinds of exhibits, from films to tours of the ocean research vessel Atlantis.  Due to a generous friend we were able to tour the Atlantis and it was fascinating.
Once off the ship we were able to visit with actual scientists, and see the actual equipment used in oceanic research. These are the instruments and ships that looked for Maylasia 3.0,  map the floor of the ocean, trace ocean currents and temperatures - nearly everything you hear about the ocean comes from here. You should check out the link to their site for even more. The most exciting thing to me is that most research is private for a couple of years so the scientists have time to publish, then it's all available to the public. What a treasure trove of information!

 Aside from all the science fun, Woods Hole is a charming town and worth a visit on its own merits. Just don't expect to have a lot of available parking!

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

A (Slight) Change of Direction

I think it's pretty clear that I enjoy cruising, but maybe not that I REALLY like it. No, I'm not going to work on a cruise ship, but I CAN now book cruises! I've trained as a travel agent, specializing currently in cruises from Carnival and my personal favorite Royal Caribbean. I'm working from my home with Avoya Travel as my home agency - which means they provide a range of services for me to be able to book cruises with some exclusive discounts with the support of a sophisticated operation. I'm excited about it! August is a low volume month for travel agents, but I'm using that to my advantage while I learn to operate their excellent system at a normal human pace. Feel free to contact me at Two Gals Travel L.L.C. 508.289.1301 any time! The name is kind of funny. The Little Woman is an entrepreneurial sort; her mother owned a travel agency and her first job was working in the agency. Since our first trip together we have joked that we would operate tours under the name Two Gals Travel - now it's a reality.

Other than that, my summer is flying by at a crazy speed. We have enjoyed quite a bit of beach time, but haven't managed to work in any kayaking or camping. The Little Woman thinks my flower gardens are out of control; I like the look of a vegetal shoving match, and neither one of us is pleased with our well breathing its last. After a nice wet spring we are in the middle of summer with no outdoor water. Quite annoying, and of course a First World Problem because we do have indoor plumbing. I'm going to have to get a plumber to connect my town water to an outdoor faucet, which should be super easy because the original plumbing to the faucet is still in place, just one copper pipe is capped off. Or pray for rain - which is what I am mainly doing!

 Pictures today are from San Juan, Puerto Rico, which we visited last February. We were cruising the Eastern Caribbean, and caught our ship in San Juan. We left Boston a day earlier than we intended because of an incoming blizzard that was already canceling flights and spent two days there before our cruise. What a lovely place! It's beautiful. There is a lot of public art, gardens, music, delicious food - everything you want in a vacation. Puerto Rico also has wonderful beaches. American Dollars is the currency, English is spoken (almost) everywhere. Really it has everything a person could want in a tropical vacation and more. So convenient, so close! I plan to come back sometime soon for a longer stay. One more thing - El Moro, the famous fort, is  part of the American National Parks System, so your senior pass can be used for admission.  That's not a big savings - admission is only $5.00, but still, why not save a little if you can?

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Not Quite Spring

This month has seen a lot of gorgeous pictures of spring in various (other) places of the world. Here in New England some people are experiencing the beginning of mud season (punishment for wishing for spring) or just continued winter. Our temperatures here on Cape Cod have stayed cold, but in a yoyo sort of way - sometimes up into the 50's and other days high temperatures in the 30's. We have had very little snow, which is nice for me, but maybe not so good for the garden. I need to get out in the yard and get to work, but as the cold weather wimp that I am I cannot make myself do it.

Part of the problem may be that last month I was lucky enough to be cruising in the southern Caribbean on Adventure of the Seas. We spent a few days in beautiful San Juan Puerto Rico, then on to Bonaire, Aruba, St. Kitts and St. Maarten. It's easy to think that this is the kind of scenery and temperatures I deserve! We had so much fun and saw so many beautiful things! Pictures from the trip suggest I would do well to get my bangs drastically trimmed.

Since we got back I have been keeping busy in the house. I completed a crochet afghan and a growing pile of knitted dishcloths.  Nothing in the way of garments, although I always seem to be knitting on the same old pair of socks. I've had trouble getting a stitch count that would stripe properly and not be too big for my foot. I'm on the third knitting so far of the first sock, but since I do have other socks to wear I am not in a hurry.   I drove up to Northampton to visit Webs as a birthday celebration for a friend. That did involve leaving home, but there is so much yarn there I was well insulated from the cold. They have so many beautiful yarns there that I am always overwhelmed by the choice. This time I just bought a few skeins to knit a baby blanket for a coming great granddaughter (buried the lede, didn't I?). She's due in June, and if she knows what's good for her she will make her entrance while I am visiting Atlanta!

One thing that happened while we were gone is the brand new GE range hood we had installed in January failed. Our appliance store sent someone out to look at it right away, but could not repair it without a (back ordered) part. At that time the part was back ordered to March 15, but when I checked on it this week it won't arrive at the manufacturer until April 7. I am pretty bummed about it. The service department at the appliance store is following up on it, and a tweet from me yesterday got an instant response from GE. I'll be emailing them the particulars today to see if we can't shake something loose. I am discouraged - the old ratty hood we replaced at least functioned. It's First World Problems of course.

Every morning I read the news and get a stomach ache, and I can't watch Rachel at night because it ruins my sleep. Whatever happens will be awful, so I feel hopeless. My elected representatives are pretty liberal Democrats, so I don't even have the pleasure of calling them to nag. I know they will do the right thing. Anyone who is not registered to vote needs to get on the stick and make sure they are ready when the next  elections come around.

Friday, February 24, 2017

I Seem to Have Taken a Year Off

It was not my intention, exactly, but there it is. Because I took all that time off the blog missed a Caribbean cruise, Thanksgiving in New Hampshire, my best friend's wedding, and loads of other things.

Of all the things I hoped to do in 2016, hardly any got done. I did knit a vest for Shana but I am not happy with it and will be ripping the whole thing out to start over. It's both too short AND too wide. I moved the uke out of a closet but that was all. My volunteer gig is going OK, but my church attendance sucks. 

Most of my attention went to politics last year and that was not good. I am assaulted daily by the horrible things that are happening. The only hope is that there won't be too many things ruined beyond saving. 

Oh well. Back from another cruise, intending to pick up the reins of my blog. I am considering changing direction a bit because my weeks are not always interesting even to me - and I am very hard to bore.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Inside the Tunnel

During my working life I thought of that period between New Year's Day and Easter as "the tunnel": that time of year when there were no holidays to break up the time and we all went to work and came home in the dark. Now that I am retired I don't have to come and go in the dark, but the cold grey of winter still feels like a tunnel. For the last few years winter has been hard here and seems longer than ever. I think time has made my feet unable to warm themselves. 
Seed catalogs have started to come to the door, making summer seem just a little bit closer.  I don't have a good place for indoor seed starting at the moment. Sometimes ambition gets the better of good sense and I think I could get some grow lights and set up a table in the basement, but I know I don't (yet) have the devotion to make that happen. Still, the catalogs are here with their alluring pictures and descriptions of things which are irresistible but will fail to thrive under my negligence, or which will be unsuitable for our climate or for the exposure in the place where they must grow. One of my friends is buying a house this winter after several years of renting and we can consider our gardening follies together. 

I was supposed to have a new patio door installed today, but one of the installers called out with a strep throat. Rescheduling will be difficult because I will be out of town for a few days at the end of the month visiting my children in Oklahoma City. The disappointment is considerable, but I imagine the installer is more disappointed in the missing day's work, even though the temperatures are not ideal. We are also adding a railing to our porch. Shana fell down two days running and torqued her knee. little ice patches were the proximate cause, but not having a railing to grab did not help. As with many things about our house, the front porch was added later and is not to code. In order to have a licensed person add the railing he also has to add the proper size barrier around the outside of the porch. You are supposed to have a 36" barrier, and we have a bench that is more like 24" surrounding the porch. Off with the bench, on with a railing in its place. Everything is more complicated than it originally looks so it costs more and takes longer. 

My knitting this week has consisted of fiddling around, mostly. One button wrap in a bulky stockinette, one pair of mittens, and 3/4s of a sock for myself. The Little Woman questioned how much need I had for another pair of mittens. Not only is this the ONLY pair of mittens I have (I have one pair convertible, 5 fingerless and one pair of utility gloves!) but also I just wanted them. So there!

We have our lottery ticket for the current billion dollar Powerball drawing. Hopefully we will not be like the restaurant employees who thought they won only to find out later that they were comparing their numbers to the results of a past drawing (after several of them quit their jobs). What a heartbreaker.

Primaries are coming up - don't forget to vote! I will be voting for Bernie is the Primary, but whoever the Democratic candidate turns out to be, that person will have my vote.

Saturday, January 02, 2016

Progress towards 2015 Goals and 2016 Plans

Progress on 2015 goals:
Lobster trap floats on Macmillan Pier

During 2015 I lost 15 pounds and regained 10. Still ahead for the year, but a rather sorry showing. Back on Weight Watchers for me! I have already started that. I did not ride or paddle nearly enough, and Mitzi did not get a daily walk. I did some swimming, which I did not include in my goals but which surely counts as exercise. I not only finished the sweater in progress last January, but also knit another. The lace shawl I wanted to knit has been cast on, but is only about 10 inches square. I did not try entrelac at all. I did try needle felting, and made Vivian a needle felted gift.  I am not satisfied with my reading, although I probably read more than last year. I can't have posted here weekly - I can see less than 52 posts are up. Another goal missed. I did post daily on Twitter and probably at least weekly on Instagram. Better than nothing. Tumblr was a bust. Clearly 365 is not my Tumblr jam. Another theme will be selected. I did volunteer at MSPCA, but will be doing something different this year. The coffee dates I wanted to plan to increase how often I see friends were not weekly but not absent either. More follow up needed here. In the garden some goals were achieved and some not so much. I did get another flower bed well started, but my veggies did not do all that well. 

Goals for 2016: 
Matching Fleece

Improved weight management and fitness is on the menu again. Official numbers: three gym visits per week, one kayaking trip per week all summer, swimming every time I go to the beach, Cycling twice per week.

In knitting I want to finish the lace shawl, Shana's vest, a crochet cactus garden for Shana, a poncho for myself, and at least three pair of mittens. I still want to try entrelac or brioche stitch, and I will include it although I may not actually get to it. I will make at least another needle felted object.

I want to get a weekly post up here on the blog, and at least one weekly post on Tumblr. I think I will post pictures on Mitzi there. I have to have a specific theme for Tumblr for that little side project to work.

My volunteer gig this year will be two shifts in the office of Waquoit Congregational Church. Shana volunteered me, but I am willing to do it, particularly for a better connection with the other church members. I still need to call my other seldom seen friends for coffee dates. I have some free time to do it and I need to broaden and deepen my friend base. This year I will also join the Mashpee Women's Club and sign up for a book club therein. That will also improve progress towards reading goals.

good behavior
This year I will not put in another flower bed. I am going to turn over a portion of my veggie garden to flowers and double down on the veggie crops that do well for me. Collards, herbs and tomatoes for sure, string beans and carrots seem to do OK. I will move some of the plants from my entry bed to areas where their surprising and inappropriate size will be a better fit (I'm looking at YOU, miscanthus chinesis!). This will involve enlarging the bed at the front of the house a little - running it around the corner enough for the miscanthus and one or two substantial shrubs to give a better balance to the northwest corner of the foundation plantings. Even though the bed will be a little bigger I will not be planting anything fussy or expensive. I'll finish my delightful bottle tree, after giving it the winter to be sure it will hold up for me, and install a bird house in the northeast corner bed. I will improve the amount of time spent weeding the beds I already have instead of lounging about watching the Today Show. I'd like to add another bird bath as well. In order to improve my edging performance I need to either improve my wrapping skills or track down one of those aftermarket items that does not need refilling. I hate rewinding the edger string with a white hot passion. One of my friends is buying a house this spring, and I can exorcise any desires for new beds on her place. And maybe pass on some of my more vigorous devils!
On 6A

My out of left field goal for this year is to learn to play the ukulele. There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube to choose from, and with only a few cords I think I would enjoy it. We have an instrument already.

This list of goals seems manageable and a little ambitious, so we'll see how I do. In the meantime here's a video worth seeing. It's in Russian, and the subtitles are a delightful diversion in themselves.