Friday, March 12, 2010

Playing (with the) Possum

Now that the weather's been a bit nicer the dogs have been able to get out for a little walk. If I was a Really Good Dog Mommy they would have a walk no matter what the weather but I am not and they are Sorely Deprived. I almost made up for it this week when we saw The Possum. The sun wasn't up yet, and he was sitting on the top of a fence staring down at us with disdain (or whatever the usual expression of possums is). Roxy was jumping around barking up at him and poor Skippy was snuffling around on the ground wondering where it was. I was grinding my teeth because I had no camera with me.

Later I had a stroke of luck. As I was leaving for work the possum ambled across the road in front of me. I jumped out of the car and pursued him across the neighbor's lawn in my peep toe pumps for this truly fabulous shot. I am so disappointed with my pictures. I took quite a few but I didn't want to get too close until he was safely under a bush so he wouldn't feel the need to bite me. My long shots were total failures. This is a shame because he is absolutely the biggest possum I have ever seen - has to be about 25 pounds. No worries - I will have my camera with me at all times from now on.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Guess Who Came for Dinner

Alex brought Vivian over to play and have dinner with us today. "The Vivinator" and I had a grand time playing around until dinnertime, by which time she was worn out and moved over to my lap to snuggle, falling asleep on my lap before desert.

Why Cycling Doesn't Make Me Thin

Taking advantage of the early fine weather I met Melissa and Alan for a ride around Lake Overholser Saturday afternoon. Later in the season we'll meet early to take advantage of the morning temperatures, but this early we wanted to get out after a little warming sun, and preferably before the worst of the wind picked up. We didn't beat the wind, but we were comfortable enough in the temperatures. Once around the lake revealed our physical deficiencies, gave us enough wind the set the tone for this year's Oklahoma Cycling Experience, and we adjourned to Jim's Restaurant for pancakes. Given that a person has to walk the length of a football field to work off one M&M I don't think our little eight mile ride will have entitled us to a plate of pancakes but too bad! It's too good to miss. I lures us out even when the weather isn't very pretty and we are tempted to lay around at home.

Friday, March 05, 2010

And it Begins...

The weather is finally changing in Oklahoma, and I can think of no good excuse to stay indoors fooling around on the computer or watching movies - it's time to get the bike out for a spin. It looks like tomorrow will be (just) good enough for a ride; if I did not want to embarrass myself in front of everyone on earth I had to get out today to wrestle with the pump, find my gear, and get over the irrational fear of my shoes. I face fear of shoes at the start of every year until I clip in and out a few times to assure myself I have not forgotten how or lost the knack of it. One time Shana lost a screw out of her shoe and could not get clipped out of one pedal at all - a generally awful experience I don't want to emulate in any way.

It was so lovely today - low 70's and almost totally blue skies. The stiff wind from the south was not so pleasing, but such a constant feature here that it (almost) makes no sense to complain about it. Besides, when the wind is that strong the birds sit around on the banks of the lake where I can see them and get (bad) pictures even with the little camera. I was not as pleased with my riding as the weather. My bike is still new to me, and my balance is not as good as it needs to be. There is also the small issue of physical condition. A zippy little 6 mile ride was really as much as I wanted. There is also the minor issue of my mayonnaise colored legs. The glare is likely to injure anyone not wearing proper eye protection.