Sunday, March 07, 2010

Why Cycling Doesn't Make Me Thin

Taking advantage of the early fine weather I met Melissa and Alan for a ride around Lake Overholser Saturday afternoon. Later in the season we'll meet early to take advantage of the morning temperatures, but this early we wanted to get out after a little warming sun, and preferably before the worst of the wind picked up. We didn't beat the wind, but we were comfortable enough in the temperatures. Once around the lake revealed our physical deficiencies, gave us enough wind the set the tone for this year's Oklahoma Cycling Experience, and we adjourned to Jim's Restaurant for pancakes. Given that a person has to walk the length of a football field to work off one M&M I don't think our little eight mile ride will have entitled us to a plate of pancakes but too bad! It's too good to miss. I lures us out even when the weather isn't very pretty and we are tempted to lay around at home.

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