Friday, May 13, 2011

A Spring Day

It's been spring by the calendar for some time, but so far the days that felt like it have been few and far between.  I think the cool damp weather has helped the spring flowers last longer, but when it's cold and windy I don't want to go out and look at them. Today it's brilliantly sunny, warm, and only slightly breezy.  I took the dogs up to walk on the beach for the first time in several days.  It was so pretty, except for the yucky dead jellyfish.  They are quite attractive when alive, but dead ones look like a giant snot on the beach.  Of course the dogs think any dead thing on the beach is interesting, so part of my beach time today was redirecting the little noses.  

Roxy got to bask outside in the sun for an hour this afternoon.  She loves warm weather.  The older she gets the less she enjoys the cold.  Basking, or indeed staying outside unsupervised for any length of time, takes place only in the afternoon.  Early morning and late afternoon it's too risky to leave the dogs outside alone because of the coyotes.  I don't want the dogs to become a snack for a wild animal. I called Falmouth Animal Control about them the morning one of the coyotes was stalking us down the street, but I don't think they took the call seriously.

We are now at the stage of waiting for our mortgage commitment to come through.  Even though we've been pre-approved the wait for the final word is kind of nerve wracking. We're counting the probable days until closing (48) and assuming we will be moving in. We're researching the changes and updates we want to do as soon as we get into the house, including wall colors, which items of furniture we'll need to buy, which (few) we already own and the ones we'll take with us from this house.  I've got garden ideas stewing in my head, among other entertaining plans.

Of course we are eager to get into our own place and get our things out of storage.  I've started interviewing for jobs although I have only one pair of non denim pants with me. If I get a job I hope they like those pants! I kept only a very small wardrobe with me and I'll be happy to see a few more choices.

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jaykaym said...

The fun part of your new home is just beginning! And it will eventually get warm in New England, or so they tell me. Whenever I have visited there - June, July, August, October, November - I NEVER have enough warm clothes. I believe that they just have a different definition of warm weather than I do.