Monday, May 30, 2011

Return to East Falmouth

After a weekend of camping we are back in East Falmouth.  As is usual with camping, we are back in town with loads of dirty clothes and linens.  It's just one of the many features of camping that make it just as much work to go out for one day as it is for a week.  For one day or a week you put everything into the car, set up the tent and campsite, purchase food and check your supplies of cooking gas, and do all the actions in reverse on the way home. Therefore my camping minimum is two nights out. We had to improvise a little bit, because although I was able to find our two big bins in the storage unit the big cooler with the rest of our gear was not to be seen.

We went to the Jellystone Park campgrounds at Maple Park. It's a short drive for us, less than an hour if the traffic doesn't hold us up.  This is a big campground with 400 spaces, but you never saw the whole campground at once.  Because we made our reservations late we did not have many to choose from, and ended up in a fairly crowded area. It was OK because we didn't have anyone close behind us and could orient ourselves so we were not really looking at other campsites. Amenities at this campground are pretty comprehensive: swimming and fishing ponds, baseball field, kayak rental, camp store, game room, movies and bingo, kids' activities of all kinds. "Live" appearances by Yogi and BooBoo,  free showers and flush toilets round out the offerings. We had a very good weekend, supplementing our lazy campground time with a bike ride along the Cape Cod Canal and some shopping on our way back home. We looked at kayaks - I think we've found a good source for reasonable priced kayaks for novice paddlers.


zippiknits...sometimes said...

It's always so nice to just be able get away from packing crates and go! Good for the mind.

We watched someone standing and poling along in a kayak down by the bay. I didn't know you could do that in a kayak.

jaykaym said...

Kayaks! You'll love them. They are one of our best-ever purchases. We have three sit-on-tops which are just perfect for me but in the north you may want the sit-insides so you don't get wet. If you get the sit-inside style PLEASE take lessons so you can roll correctly to upright yourself. Getting stuck underwater is deadly. Wherever you buy your kayaks should have suggestions for a nearby place to get a couple of lessons.