Saturday, May 07, 2011

And on Closer Examination

Today  Shana and started our day at Betsy's Diner in Falmouth, which is very cute and conveniently located.  The tables are 1950's style dinettes, and a colorful mural which I really like.

Later we had our Home Inspection, a process which lasted about four hours.  I followed the inspector around, all over the yard, from the attic to the cellar, all over the yard, around the shed - you name it, we saw it.  We had the inspector and I with both Realtors, Shana, and a decorator who was there to meet with Shana about some improvements we want in make in the hard surfaces. It was kind of like a party, but without snacks. We're now exhausted! I took a lot of pictures for my own use, which mostly feature odd angles and/or unflattering pictures of our inspector.  I just needed a few shots which would give me an idea of size and orientation of rooms and areas of the yard  for purposes of selecting furniture or shrubs, nothing fit for public enjoyment.  I wish we were able to move in a little sooner, but at least now I do have some references for specific areas which were not featured in the Real Estate sales pictures.

I also picked up the chandelier for our bedroom, which is as pretty as I remembered.  The day we went to the shop to buy it the shop was not busy, but  today with the season starting up it was jammed hip to hip with shoppers. I was disappointed at first that our new house was off the track a bit, but now I am happy happy happy that we will be in a little out of the way corner!

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