Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Only Make Believe

Not only have I not been on my bike this year, but I have never seen this in any airport:

The home buying process proceeds with some kind of paper requirements every single day.  Today's could be handled over the phone, but tomorrow more signatures will be required.

The lady dogs are getting along much better; they were actually chasing each other around a few minutes ago.  What this means is that when it's meal time or walk time they get together to gang up on me.  I get two sets of implacable eyes on me until I bend to their will.  They think I should feed them now so they are both staring at me, when Roxy is not actually jumping into my lap to make her point. I am defeated.


lacochran's evil twin said...

People are weird. (At the airport, not you.)

Kay Dennison said...

That video is priceless!!!!!!!

Hope your paperwork is nearly over and you can get settled.

You didn't think they'd double team you?