Friday, May 20, 2011

Looking for Work on the Cape

So far my efforts at securing employment have resulted in a variety of emails informing me that the position has been filled, an interview with a young man about the same age as my youngest child (my guess at this point is no, I will not be hired for that one), and  threatening and rude comments from an Internet scamster who said I was lying about his not working on behalf of an oil company in Oklahoma City. To be fair I did let him know that the company in question was filing an Internet Crime Complaint against him and suggested that he not contact me again.  Somehow his threats to have me arrested rings hollow.

I'm not totally discouraged yet, and in the meantime I can go for a walk on the beach with the dogs every day and get around to visiting some of the many local nature preserves when I have free time. It's hard not to find that a big plus.  Besides, we are still waiting for the bank to finish up on our loan, so my daily expenses are pretty minimal.  


Kay Dennison said...

I wish you luck in your job search. It's a challenge if a body is of a certain age. I envy you the beach. I've long suspected that I was born with sand in my shoes. :)

zippiknits...sometimes said...

It's early days yet, and there's another internet bubble building. This may lift the whole econ but you never know.

Enjoy the beach. I'm share the love of that with you, too. I'll bet the dogs are loving it, too.