Saturday, May 14, 2011

Knitters' Day Out

The Cape Cod Bitchin' Stitchers headed out for a field trip this morning.  We drove to Fairhaven to visit Eva's Yarn Shop. The drive was fun, lots of yarn store talk and laughter as we got started on the road for our fun day out.  Once we left the Cape we left the clouds behind and we could enjoy a perfect sunny day.

Eva's Yarn Shop is an Aladdin's Cave of beautiful and special yarns.  The floor samples are beautiful, varied and inspiring. I was nearly induced to tackle an entrelac wrap even though it's a technique that has never really appealed to me. It might still happen! Most of the samples were knitted by Eva herself.  Eva is welcoming and enthusiastic with a distinctive sense of style that is reflected in her choices of yarns.  The customer base seems to include every knitter in town, from middle school girls to elderly ladies. One of our girls had called ahead to let Eva know we were coming and she was ready with extra help to accommodate and tempt us. They helped us choose patterns, cheerfully balled up the skeins we purchased, dug through pattern books and even whipped out an i Pad to show one of us how to find things on Ravelry.

After we made our yarn selections we walked down the street and around the corner for lunch, returning back to Eva's to pick up some yarn that was being wound. Fairhaven is a really attractive town, with a charming downtown area.  It didn't hurt that the weather was just perfect.  We had lunch at Elizabeth's, which was just far enough away for us to enjoy our walk.  Elizabeth's is rather small and really cute, with delicious food at reasonable prices. They were very accommodating to those of our party who had special requests, and the service was very good.  Definitely a good choice.  Conversation was general and we all had a good time. We walked back to pick up our yarn after a visit to Euro.  My personal opinion is that if you can't find it at Euro it's not any fun anyway.

Brahmin Handbags are manufactured in Fairhaven and not only do they have their outlet store there, but this weekend they were having a tent sale so we had to stop in for a look.  These are  upscale bags with prices to match, but from the traffic you would have thought they were giving them away.  Two police officers were needed to control the vehicle traffic.  We admired the bags, which were in every possible stylish shape and available in loads of strikingly beautiful colors but none of us were tempted enough to buy one.  I was mighty tempted by a beautiful bright  orange faux alligator envelope bag, but I'd rather spend the big bag money on basics and buy the fun colors at a discount store.

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Kay Dennison said...

Looks great!!! Sounds like you're settling in nicely!!!!!!

I'm a sucker for yarn/crafts stores as well as outlet stores. I am not, however, into pricey designer bags. I do confess, however, that I carry a vintage Etienne Aigner bag that I found for bupkas on eBay. When someone asks if it was expensive, I just smile and say "not really." Never mind that I was really lucky to get it.