Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Week of Nothing Happening

This week has been like the rerun of my whole life. It's still raining every day and every night. Nothing new is happening, nothing exciting is happening. I think it is actually sort of a "hole" in my zen. I've been really focussed on training for the Hotter N Hell in August, trying to decide on the right distance for the Norman Conquest and Spin Your Wheels, and considering when I might have a weekend free with good weather to camp out. The result has been that my mind is not on NOW. Instead I've been cruising along with my brain somewhere else altogether. When you are not living mindfully it's easy to get stale and fall into boredom. Must Focus!

The Rhapsody socks are finished, and the purple Monkey socks are halfway down the gusset on the second sock (into the home stretch!). Vivian's Trellis sweater is only two inches up the back and is headed for the frog pond. I've got something wrong and since there is so little done it makes more sense to rip it out and start over than to wrestle with fixing that something. None of these projects will make exciting photos this week, alas.

One thing that has caught my attention this week is Darth Vader has announced that he does not think the Vice President's Office is a part of the executive branch, and is therefore not subject to the House Committee on Oversight and Reform. Go here, read all about it. Considering that he also claims executive privilege this is just dizzying. Is the source too left wing for you? Look here instead. Why are we hearing about Paris Hilton's triumphant release from prison and not this? ARRRGH. Every time you turn over a rock something worse crawls out.

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