Thursday, June 07, 2007

End of an Era

The Hancock Fabrics near me is just about finished, and I doubt that I will go in again. I stopped in today and picked up some buttons at 25 cents a card, and some two yard pieces of fabric, bolts of ribbon and knitting needles all for 70% or 80% off. I think I got a pretty good haul for thirty-two bucks. Of course I have no firm plans for any of this stuff, it's all just stash, but there is enough yardage in each of the prints for a little sun suit for Baby Vivian next summer, or a pair of pajama pants for me. I hate to see the store close. Not only is it very conveniently located on my way home from work, but I have been in and out of there so many times in the last thirty years it's almost like throwing away a scrapbook. Shana used to walk there with her grandmother, too. It's sad to see all of the old fixtures emptied out and loitering around the perimeter of the store waiting for someone to take them away. Oh well, all things change.

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