Friday, June 08, 2007

Girls' Day In

My original plans for this afternoon involved a million errands, topped off with some seriously dirty work in the back yard. Fortunately for me I had a change of plans.

The beautiful Miss Vivian kept her parents up most of the night last night screaming, so I got to play with the baby this afternoon while they had lunch with friends and a nice quiet nap at home.
Vivian came to my house dressed in her pirate suit (arrrrgh!). There was eating, kicking, smiling, looking around, napping, fussing, eating, etc. And oh yes, there was a little bit of screaming too. Whenever she is awake the little arms and legs never stop moving. It's no wonder she needs lots of naps.

By the time Mom and Dad came back for her Vivian was worn out but trying to stay awake. It was her bed time but she knew she was not in her usual place. When Mom and Dad came for her she was sooo happy to see her mom. She gave her mom a big smile and stared at her as though she had given up hope of ever seeing her mother again.

Evil Wild Roxanne had to spend most of the afternoon outside. She is not the perfect dog auntie yet. While I settled the baby in her chair out of doggy reach Roxanne was taking everything out of the diaper bag. I got there just in time to get the bag before it disappeared into Roxanne's Treasure Trove. It took a while for Roxy to grasp the concept that the best behavior around the baby is NOT leaping up and down with a huge grin on her face (featuring ALL of her teeth).

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