Saturday, June 23, 2007

Not so Vicious Cycle

I know, it's vicious "circle", but work with me here. This weekend the WAACO's went to the Baptist Children's Home Ride on the south side of Oklahoma City. We were fortunate with the weather - cloudy early in the morning and warm later in the day with no rain and no gale force wind, both of which would have been possible, even likely considering the current weather patterns. Almost everyone was able to come, and it was great to see so many of us together. It was great to have my camera with me at the starting line and at the finish. As always, more snaps can be seen at Flickr, assuming I can leave them in one place long enough to load them up. If you start moving them around while Flickr is trying to load them up your upload bombs off. Ask me how I know. Several of us were fortunate enough to win a prize before the ride. I won a set of pedals, and Dianne won a set of tires. These will likely go to Ruby's bike because of the orangeness.

This was Glenda's second event, and the first where she was meeting everyone the morning of the ride. She had a bit of excitement featuring spilling and scrambling to get there in time. By the time she arrived she needed a quickie tube change, which Ruby was able to supply. Of course we applauded Ruby's "Mad Skillz". Tube changing will surely be Glenda's next skill, but it will take a while to get fast enough to get a round of applause. In spite of getting a bit of a late start, everyone had a great ride. I rode 44 miles, including some unattractive hills (how I hate them and how they help me get stronger). The most of the rest of the group took the 27 mile option, with a few independent types opting for the 10 mile/garage sale route. Lunch was good, and we topped it off with a trip to Starbucks for coffee and stories. Later today we'll meet for pizza to cancel out any possible shortage of calories caused by our exertions.

Shana and I went to the ball game Friday night, a treat supplied by the Corporate Challenge for all of the participants. We all got a hot dog picnic and tickets to the ball game. There were awards for the participating teams, and I received my medal for my second place finish in my division on the Time Trials. No, the individual medal winners were not lionized and applauded like the teams, but Shana did take a picture of me at the ball park with my spiffy new medal. This is my first prize for an athletic event, so I got a big charge out of it. This was my first visit to the Bricktown Ballpark, home of the Oklahoma Redhawks, and I must say the facility is very nice. We had a great time, our team won, and although we left a little early no one scored after we left. What more could you ask for?

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