Friday, June 22, 2007

Shopping Frenzy

Having received a gift certificate to Pro Bike for my birthday, I could not rest until I had taken it out for a spin. To that end I went to the store at the soonest possible moment. Here's the proof: Energy Gel & Shot Blocks to keep me riding strong, Lizard Socks to guarantee cute feet, and the piece de resistance: The Top Tube Bike Bag. Shana has one and just loves hers. She carries her snacks and Ipod (with speakers!) in hers. I've been wanting one of my own for some time because it is such a versatile item. It will fasten to the head and the top tube and will be the perfect home for my camera. My camera is a bit too bulky to go in my jersey pocket, and stuffing electronics down one's sweaty shirt is a short cut to disaster. I have really wanted to have my camera along on my rides, especially the events where the WAACO's are participating. Now I can! (and will). Tomorow we've got a ride and there WILL be pictures. This is not an accessory that the pros would be using - they are paring off every ounce of weight possible, but for Sunday drivers like me it will easily be worth the extra weight to have my snaps for later.

Before I ran out to the bike store I had another urgent errand: visit with the beautiful Miss Vivian. She's just growing like a bad weed. Jamie tells me she has grown about 5 inches, and you can see how cute she is. I swear that earlier in my visit she was smiling and trying to talk to me, but of course I hogged all of the cutest time for myself and only started taking pictures after she got a little tired and grumpy. I'll have more pictures up on my Flickr Gallery tomorrow, but for today I'm off to the Ball Game.

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