Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I Wonder Where the Birdies Is

That's not quite true. I know exactly where the birdies is! This swallow nest is outside my office window. Every year the pair return and raise a new family (or two) These two are this spring's first babies. I think this pair started with three eggs, and these two giant chicks are the survivors. They are easily as big as the parents, and are quite capable of flying, but they hang around the nest to be fed. You can tell they are babies by the white lines around their beaks (the bug target for Mom and Dad) and their breasts are much lighter than the adults'. I think this pair will have time to hatch another clutch this season, so I'm pretty sure these "teenagers" are about to get a rude awakening. The nest will be needed for the next bunch of hungry mouths.

Sock knitting is still happening, albeit slowly. I am nearly down the flap of the second sock this pair, and the purple monkey socks are halfway down the foot of the first sock.

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