Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Independence Day

Usually on the Fourth of July Shana and I go to a parade, host a barbecue, and go out to see some fireworks. This year, with a lot of family out of town we did something completely different. We went to Stillwater with the WAACO's to ride in the Tour of Payne. Most of our group chose the 40 mile ride. It's a challenging ride with a lot of hills, and usually the heat is an issue. This year it was not as hot as in years gone by, but the humidity was a big factor. The hills, of course, were just as big as in any other year. Not only did everyone complete her chosen ride, but also Dianne, in a moment of inattention, blew past the signs on the road and rode 25 miles out of the way and got lost. She was rescued by a Diane and Sharon, and after we all cleaned up we wandered out to Eskimo Joe's for a burger. That took FOREVER, but the burgers were good and the company was first rate. By the time we got home Shana and I were tuckered out. She had done the 40 mile ride, which was her longest ride ever.

The next event will be the Norman Conquest on July 14, which should be challenging, so say the very least. I have pretty much decided to do the 45 mile ride, even though the 26 mile last year lives on in my memory as possibly the worst ride ever. The hills are huge and steep, and the weather will be crazy hot. Shana will likely do the 26; everyone else who decides to go will do what they dare. We are also planning a weekend at the lake. Shana's uncle has a lake house that we can have the use of, so plans are afoot for a gourmet/boating weekend.

Last weekend Baby Vivian came to visit while The Parents took in a movie and I tried to take some pictures of her that did not make her look like the Wild Child of the Forest, without much success. In person she looked so sweet and pretty, but something about the flash made her look demented.

Most of my knitting this week has been easy-peasy car knitting. the Purple Monkey socks are down to the last pattern repeat, so they should be finished this weekend. What's up next? Only time will tell. I have several choices in the queue, but I can be almost sure it will not be a sweater or an afghan, given the current weather and the amount of available time. It will probably be something small and simple, maybe some fancy socks. Most of my time will be taken up by cycling until the end of August - only a few more weeks until Hotter N Hell and we are all trying to get some mileage in before then.

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