Friday, July 27, 2007

The Dehydrator

The cycle event we are doing this weekend is called the Duncan Dehydrator. In spite of the rather intimidating name it promises to be a fun ride. Several of the WAACO's are attending, including the Mini-WAACO. It will be his first event and it will be fun to see his reactions to all of the cyclists. It benefits the Duncan Band Boosters, and includes not only lunch afterward but also access to showers (!!!!). This is particularly attractive because I've signed up to ride 69 miles. I should be nice and stinky by the time I reach the finish line. I did get a peek at the topographical map for the ride, and it looks possible. I must admit I was wondering about that, in light of the fact that the last three rides I've done were pretty hilly. Our Wednesday night hill rides have made us all stronger, but given the legth of my ride I'm glad the hills won't be too bad. The worst feature of the ride is that we will need to leave the house by 5:45 tomorrow morning. I'm planning to take Roxy off to board at the vet tonight so she can have Social Club tomorrow without my having to leave the house extra early.
Roxy is having a pajama party this week. Skippy has come for a few days while the Humps are in Dallas. It's funny how easily he fits into our routine and how comfortable he seems given that he's not a good boarder anywhere else. He just does whatever Roxy tells him to do. and they seem perfectly happy and relaxed together.

I've been following the Tour De France obsessively, including watching hours of racing, checking the stage winners and the daily video first thing as soon as I go to lunch, and listening to three separate podcast reviews of each stage daily. I even have a special pair of socks going which I can knit along on while I watch the tour without much attention. (Knit Picks Dancing in a garter rib). I was horrified, saddened and disillusioned by the news out of the tour this week. It just made me sick to my stomach to hear that one of the riders whose grit I had so admired had been cheating. Now that a few days have passed since Team Astana withdrew, I must say I think that if pro cycling survives this tour (and it will be a near thing) it will have been a good thing for the organizers to be seen to act immediately to remove dirty riders. The Tour de France will continue, but the high dollar sponsorship and television coverage may not. On the other hand, the coverage from Versus has carefully sidestepped all controversy to the point of surrealism.
Jennifer will be in town this weekend. I probably will not see her until Monday evening, when we will get together for dinner with the sibs. It should be lots of fun, and there should be some nice pictures. Now - what to cook? I'll be at work all day Monday, so maybe a brisket in the crockpot?

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