Friday, July 20, 2007

You Can Get Anything You Want

At Mom's Restaurant! This is kind of a late update, but last Sunday Shana and I had The Spawn over for dinner. Sam brought along a couple of friends, and Alex came with his little family. Jesse, who we always call Shana's Son, was in town for the weekend, so he came along too. We had a house full of noise, just like when we had resident teenagers. Miss Vivian was passed around like a bad cold until she got tired and cranky, people were alternately affectionate and sarcastic, and amazing amounts of steak disappeared before our very eyes.

One reason for the dinner was that Shana and I are getting ready to put our house on the market. It's a lot bigger than is strictly necessary for two people and one small dog. With fewer people to accommodate, the expense of keeping such a big place is not the best use of our incomes. The kids both had some stuff in their rooms that they wanted to keep, and I wanted to get it all out of here before I started clearing out closets for a massive garage sale. The last time we moved we were able to pay for our movers with the proceeds of a big garage sale, and we are hoping to make the same thing happen this time. In any event, we have too much stuff and it has to go.

Sock knitting continues as an accompaniment to the Tour De France (where Team Discovery is making a very poor fist of it). My office knitting is a plain stockinette sock in a very cute self striping colorway from Lana Grossa. These colors are pretty true on my monitor, but in person the sock looks a lot cuter.

I'm on my way out the door for my errands. I'm planning to turn the dull errands into entertainment and exercise by cruising around on my Cypress. It's such a fun bike to ride, and I use it so seldom since I got my road bike. I would not like to ride it 50 miles, but it's perfect for short hops. It makes for a much more pleasant afternoon about town.

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