Monday, July 17, 2006

Summer is really here. Every day this week will be scorching hot, and no rain in sight. It's hot enough now that Roxy is disinclined to run away during the day, but she gets a burst of wanderlust about 10 pm. Last night she revealed the new opossum resident in the yard. I thought there might be one, but had not yet seen it.

In cycling news, Norman Conquest was amazingly brutal. Never believe that "some hills" is synonymous with "a few gentle rollers and one big scary hill". It is NOT. It is quite possible that the entire 26 mile course is uphill At about the halfway point I began to doubt that I would actually be able to finish. I had started the ride by myself, as Shana was not feeling up to the heat. This would have maybe been OK, but we had arrived so late that I started on the course long after my group and did not even see any other cyclists for several miles. It's a bit easier to keep up sprits and effort with company. Fortunately by the time I was sure I would be found dead at the side of the road I had hooked up with some friends and the encouragement helped a lot. I finished strong, but when I got off the bike I had rubbery legs. I had signed up for this one because I really needed to do some hills - be careful what you wish for!

I finished a pair of socks Saturday, Online Supersocke 100 colorway Fun, pitiful dark picture above. Plain old stockinette. They were my Ardmore Roadkill Ralley socks, to be knit in the car while talking. I cast on for another pair yesterday. This time it will be Dancing, from Knitpicks, in a pink and purple colorway. The socks will be cables, on 64 stitches. I'm hoping my skill with cables will improve, and my speed. Two shawls on the needles - the Kimono Shawl from Folk Shawls, and the Triangles within Triangles Shawl from Heartstrings. Neither one is exactly burning up the needles. It's just too hot.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds exactly like you. Pictures came thru fine, including Samantha's car. How great for her!
How often do you plan to do this?