Friday, July 21, 2006

We're still "enjoying" the heat today, high of 110 likely but with a chance of rain tonight. This has bad implications for the humidity level. Hot weather is hard on the plants, especially the potted items doomed to grow in the hottest part of the yard. Shana has been scrupulous with the watering around the pool and the result is delighted hibiscus. Persona non Grata is thrilled with daily watering. This may become a problem when it is time to take the dainty creature inside for the winter. Alex cringes when I start talking about moving it.

I had to frog the cable sock and start over. The excitement of the Tour de France made me go to the the wrong needle not once but twice. After tinking back 64 stitches of cables I got ready to reknit, only to notice a giant float on the inside where I had started up on the wrong needle in still another place. It was three rows down and I just couldn't face it. The cables were not showing up well on the yarn anyway, so I'm going to go with a 2x2 rib - car knitting for the trip to Richardson tomorrow to watch some athletic friends do the Iron Girl Triathalon . I've never seen one before, and will NEVER do one. It should be great fun to see. I hope I'll be able to catch the Tour de France time trials tomorrow before we go.

I live in hope of getting a good picture of the Evil Wild Dog of the Prairie to post, but her (perfectly rational) fear of lightening is working against me. When she sees the camera she's sure I am bringing the lightening, so I either get the Face of Fear or the backside of the escaping dog. Example at left is the Face of Fear worn by the Pitiful Mistreated Baby Angel. She's hiding behind a chair, where I have cornered her after a determined effort. Obviously this is not the picture which is going to demonstrate her good looks.

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