Monday, July 24, 2006

Dallas was a mixed bag. It tends to be our location for bad luck and misunderstandings, and this weekend was not the exception. The excitement started when we had the devil of a time finding some kind of lunch for Shana. Arby's gave her a sandwich with mayo - lucky for me because I got it. The only food we saw on the way down the road was a Burger King with literally three parking places, customers 15 deep at the counter, and a car with a flat tire in the drive through. At last we passed Robertson's and scored a great ham sandwich. Just across the state line we started arguing over politics, sparked by some billboards put up by a victim of Eminent Domain - in this case farm land condemned to facilitate the Winstar Casino . Shana suggested I might be Left Wing. I suggested she might be Full of Shit, and it went downhill from there. By the time we got to the Radisson we were in a state, and by the time we got to the room and started getting ready to go down to the pool I had lost my sunglasses and my Ipod (the best toy ever and my current favorite thing in the world).

We'd planned to hook up with our friends for dinner, but for some reason they decided to eat at 4:30. Plans were made to meet up "on the strip" later, but the timing gave us little time to get dinner before we met. We made the ill-fated decision to eat at the hotel, in the bar. The bartender was preoccupied with some gambling issues, after receiving our order for roast chicken and mashed potatoes, arrived (much) later with Teriyaki and pilaf - the two items that I most despise. It was inedible, and my ice tea was moldy. We were comped, and received tickets for a free breakfast buffet. Out we went to meet the gang.

Long story short - bars are as loud and smoky as I remembered. Drama is as irritating as I remembered, and one of the triathalon participants disappeared before the contest, much to the distress of the remaining athlete. Jack in the Box burgers are good after midnight, however.

Breakfast was as alarming as dinner (and we lost our free tickets) so we thought we'd pick something up on the way. Not happening . How can you drive for several miles in a major city without passing food? Luckily the Mariott was across from the venue, and the breakfast sandwiches were delicious. Thank you Shana for your persistence!

The Iron Girl Triathalon was terrific, and great fun to watch. Our friend finished in good time.

Dallas Farmers' market was good (although predictably, Shana ordered an inedible dish at the Mexican restaurant in the vicinity). We came back to the city with tomatoes, mangos, peaches, and tea.

We also stopped at Richardson Bike Mart
I'd love to be visiting there with more time and money to spare. Their selection of bicycles and accessories is overwhelming. Now that I am home I wish I had picked up the camelback water bottle
I saw it later on line and it's exactly what I want. I HATE my current Polar water bottle. Oh well, live and learn. I'll probably pick one up at Pro Bike. We did buy a bottle of laundry detergent especially formulated for getting out sweat smell. Just what I need for my yoga gear, as well as our bike shorts.

Car knitting proceeded apace, and I'm almost done with the zebra socks. Harlot tomorrow!!!!!!

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