Friday, July 28, 2006

Friday Friday Friday!!!

And a picture of the Amazing Roxanne - we're getting closer to a good picture. She has Devil Eyes, but is not hiding in a corner looking like I beat her senseless daily.

Home for the weekend at last. I've been so tired all week I didn't know what to do with myself. I was complaining about this yesterday morning. Shana thought I should go get my thyroid checked, or maybe I am not eating enough. DUH. Of course I am not eating enough - I am trying to get myself back into the confines of the height/weight charts. If I eat enough to maintain my body weight that's never going to happen. But it seems that's actually getting closer to the cause. Last weekend at the Dallas Farmer's Market I got a whole bunch of good tomatoes (and mangos, and peaches!) and I have been eating a tomato sandwich for dinner every night. Now this may be a dinner high in taste (and lycopene) but it seems it was too low in protein to balance my daily requirements. As soon as this occurred to me I ran down to the cafeteria and got a couple of hard boiled eggs. Problem solved. Turns out that aside from counting my points I really need to keep a close eye on nutrients. Not good news for the queen of junk food. I was thinking that I'd be alternately laying around, surfing the web and sleeping this weekend, but apparently I am riding up and down 40 miles of hills. I'd better boil more eggs!

One more picture from the Yarn Harlot's visit. It's me - at the yarn store waiting for my autograph. The angle of the photo makes me look like I have a hump, and confirms the almost total lack of neck that has plagued me all my life. Not flattering, alas, but proof I was there! Surprisingly, I was able to hang around the shop for about an hour without buying anything. Not that I need anything...

Alex is poised to move out on his own. The funny thing is that he's almost reached an arrangement with a potential roommate that involves a drastically lowered portion of the expenses in exchange for his services keeping the place clean. Please note the general appearance of his room below. Keep in mind that it looks that way from all angles. I only had the heart to photograph it from the door, due to fear of stepping into

something living. This is why when anyone visits my house the door to this room is closed. To be fair, he does swamp the place out if I expect to need the room for house guests. Alex would also be the one who waits for the cable man, plumber, etc. as needed. This I have reason to know he is perfectly capable of doing.

CNN has just devoted a few minutes to Bush and Blair blabbing on about their (bizarre, isolated)position on the crisis in Lebanon. The talking heads wasted no time analyzing the statements and moved right on to devote somewhat more time to another of Bush's engagements today - meeting with the American Idol contestants in the Oval Office. It's no wonder so many people are ignorant.

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