Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sunday crafty goodness

At last a new sock monkey is ready for a home, and another one cut out. I've been out of stock for ages, and I think a few might sell if I bring them in to the office and upload a picture to the bulletin board. At the very least it might get people thinking about Christmas orders before the last minute (when I will not be able to accommodate any orders). Also I want to get some out there with a $20.00 price to get people used to the idea before Christmas. I have been letting them go a little too cheap for the amount of time they take. I will have to pick up a few more supplies pretty soon if there is any interest. I'm nearly out of socks and stuffing.

The weekend has been pretty low key. I was tired and slept in yesterday. Today we spent in the kitchen pursuing our hobbies. Shana cooked up a stew to take over to Nancy. I made the sock monkey, and Toll House Cookies and Banana/Mango bread to send. The Humps haven't been feeling great, and we enjoy the cooking even if we are not going to eat it. I did have two cookies, but since they are not "on my list" I do not want them to hang around. It's lovely to have the house smell of delicious food, and Shana loves to try new recipes. Since I'm on Weight Watchers I eat like the dog - the same small rotation of foods I like and that I know fall in my points. It makes it really easy for me, but no fun for the cook. Nancy sent me some Cukes and onions in vinegar (yum) and a whole lot of chocolate and butterscotch chips to use in future weeks' humanitarian cookies. Larry is having another surgery next month, and they have asked for "meals on wheels".

The laundry is done, the house is clean; we are now at the knitting and TV portion of the weekend. It would be one of my favorite times if it did not mean that the work week is just around the corner. This will be a week with overtime - deadline is Thursday, and I'm pretty sure I'll need a little extra time to make it. The upside of course is overtime - I could use a few extra bucks about the place, with Hotter N' Hell coming up at the end of August. Of course that means another trip to Texas....

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