Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Of Great Interest to Me (and no one else)

I've recently moved from what is essentially desert to a marine climate. Not only does Massachusetts get more rain than Oklahoma City, but it comes in a different form.  Oklahoma generally gets all it's rain in the form of thunderstorms and torrential but rather brief rains.  Massachusetts gets the dreaded all day gray and moderate rain.  In Oklahoma I never bothered to purchase anything but travel umbrellas to get me from the car to a building (nearly) dry. Here I need to walk more in worse weather, so rain boots are needed.  The first pair I bought ended up being too small, so I sent the to Jennifer who has the same problem of climate change.  This is my second pair, and I have a hot pink umbrella in the shape of a giant flower ordered to give me a lift when the gray days come.

The dogs are getting along pretty well.  Mitzi still thinks the best way to interact with other dogs is to throw herself at their heads, but she's taking Roxy's lead in most things.  I must confess that Roxy did show her all the teeth once early on, but she has not had to do that again!


lacochran's evil twin said...

Those are some snazzy boots!

Kay Dennison said...

Love the boots!!! As a native Ohioan, I surprised that you forgot the long grey spells! I really hate them but it sounds like you're adjusting well.