Monday, April 18, 2011

Buy Me Some Peanuts and Cracker Jack

Yesterday Shana and I accompanied Bruce and Lisa to a Red Sox game.  The Red Sox have a rather small stadium right in town that fills up for every game.  The famous  Green Monster features a manual scoreboard; both National League scores and American league scores are updated manually on the board.  The weather favored us - early in the morning I rose to light rain and 40 mph winds, but it cleared up to be cool and breezy for the game.

I had always been of the opinion that the only thing more boring than baseball on TV was baseball in person.  I officially back down from that position.  I had a really good time and will gladly go again.  It does not hurt that we had really good seats and that the Sox won 8-1 over Toronto.

After the game we met up with a friend who was running in today's Boston Marathon and her family for dinner at Grotto .  It was a good meal (I continued my obsession with scallops!) with great conversation, and we all had a good time.  Laura ended up with a great time of 3:33:38, a personal best which was also good enough to qualify her automatically for next year.  Congratulations, Laura!!

Next week we'll be in Boston again to celebrate my birthday.  The Museum of Fine Art has an exhibition of the glass art of Dale Chihuly that I am really stoked about seeing.  We'll also have an Indian meal with the spicy cuisine I am craving and a bit of sightseeing and light shopping. I have a mad craving for a jar of foot cream from Lush, a wild extravagance I am determined to indulge.

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