Monday, September 03, 2007

Look for the Union Label

Today is Labor Day, and lest anyone think that Labor Unions are the boil on the butt of humanity that the Republicans consider them to be: it was unions that brought an end to child labor, and who won us our 40 hour week, some at the cost of their lives. Preachy bit finished.

We had an informal WAACO ride this morning. Kim had found a route for us that was a bit over 25 miles and uphill in all directions. Quite a good training ride, and the weather was just perfect. Our route is a part of the 40 mile route for next weekend's Oklahoma Bicycle Society Streak. Most of us are planning to ride. I had originally intended to ride the 100K but after this morning I'm thinking maybe the 40 mile will be plenty! Kim was planning to ride the 40 mile, but may choose a shorter distance based on the difficulty of the course. After breakfast at the Classen Grill we went on to our various activities for the day.

Alex came over for dinner with Jamie and Miss Vivian, who is in fine form. She's got a real lively interest in food. Vivian had half of a roll, some mashed potatoes and about a quarter of a nectarine, all eaten as though she hadn't seen food for a month and did not know when food might ever appear again. I'd made Shana a banana pudding for her birthday cake and Vivian thought that was pretty good too, even though she's not too crazy about bananas in general.
Most of the activity around here is still revolving around packing. Most of the kitchen is packed up; in fact nearly everything but the bathrooms and my clothes are packed. This week I have to get my stuff packed up and ready to go so that when Shana gets back to town we can get the boxes out in advance of the movers. Shana and I took yesterday afternoon off to rest a bit. I finished the first jigsaw sock, although I have not yet grafted the toe. I turned the heel on the garter rib sock during my Saturday feast of football games. Not exactly flying off the needles, but I am squeezing out a tiny bit of knitting time.

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