Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Drive By Posting

I'll be out in the woods most of this weekend, so no new posts will appear until Sunday night. I'm hoping for some good WAACO pictures, and some beautiful scenery. I am also hoping, just a little, to get a picture of Bigfoot. There have been lots of sightings in the area over the years, so I hope luck will be with us. I'm not entirely sure that the rest of the group will share my idea of lucky! Fall weather is here and I'm sure that even without a Bigfoot sighting we'll have a grand time.

This is me and Vivian weekend before last enjoying a Hawaiian moment. She weighs 18 lbs now - getting to be a big girl. When she gets mobile she'll be a terror. As it is the hands get everything instantly and she has the grip of death.

I'm on my way out to get camping supplies - I'll be updating with tales of the campfire Sunday night.

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