Friday, September 07, 2007

Bust a Move

Lest anyone think that things are not happening here, this is what my living room looks like today. The dining room has a somewhat similar appearance, but all of the boxes in there are marked FRAGILE. Shana got the cafeteria ladies mobilized for her, and they've saved all of the boxes for her. I never would have thought we'd need so many, but there are still some things that need to be packed. Luckily there are still some boxes in the garage. I'm moving the fragile boxes this weekend, and maybe a little more - depends on how many trips I want to make across town. I'll take boxes with me every time I go to work before moving day to unload on my way home. Alex is coming Wednesday evening to help with a truck. I am hoping to get him to shift the big boxes for me. I am hoping to minimize the number of mover hours we have to pay for.

Shana's in Florida this week. She's hustled like crazy to get most of the packing done before she left because once she comes back there just won't be time for serious packing. She'll have to catch up at work and a few days later we are out of here for good. I pushed her to get a lot done, and now she is having her revenge. She and Shelley are sending pictures like this one to me from Key West. I don't feel sorry for her now - she can catch on her rest on the beach! Shana signed up for a jet ski tour and turned out to be the only customer, so she got a private tour all for herself. The high point of the tour was flying past a couple of cruise ships at the docks.

I've got the garter rib socks more than halfway down the foot - they should be finished this weekend during a football game unless I get real busy with the lugging and packing. The Jigsaw socks are still half done, but I'll cast on the for second sock this weekend even if I get nothing else done. I'm still really liking the way this is knitting up. I was concerned that since they are just 60 stitches around they might work up a little too narrow, but I think they will be OK after all.

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