Saturday, May 19, 2007

Tying Up the Loose Ends

Shana's mom has been here since Thursday evening, so I was unsure whether or not I'd be able to finish up any projects. Her visits are usually rather crowded with social activities and elaborate cooking. I seldom have a lot of down time while she's here. This time has been rather low key, with smaller family occasions and a fair amount of down time, so I have been able to get a few things moving along. Thursday Nancy came over, and Friday we went to Nancy's house for dinner. We had the benefit of perfect weather, so cocktails on the patio were a pleasant feature. Today after we took a walk by the lake Inace went out to see some other family members. I stayed home and took some time out to craft.

I had not started my Mothers Day Project embroidery yet, so this morning I took it out to work on while the house was quiet. Apparently I still have the elderly eyes, because I needed reading glasses to do it. I volunteered for the project without a second thought because I had learned simple embroidery as a child. It was only after I saw the small size of the piece that I remembered that I have not embroidered anything more complicated than a sock monkey face for years and years. Once I got started it moved right along, though. I'm pleased with how it came out. I do need to write a little essay to go with it before I send it in, but that can wait a few days. I'll let the ideas roll around in my head for a few days, then get them on paper.

Vivian's sweater is finished, and even has buttons. I think I could have made it up in a bit tighter gauge, and the buttonhole spacing is imperfect, but I think it will be a comfy cozy garment for her. The Plymouth Encore is soft and squishy - it should be quite warm. I had initially intended to put on 5 buttons, but I closed the bottom buttonhole because it does not need any more buttons. Five would be overkill. I have yarn for another one, but I think I will try out another pattern for it, (probably Trellis, from Knitty) and a bit larger, for next spring. I'm going to make a hat to go with it before I take it to her. I'll have to look up how big a hat for an infant should be, though. Left to my own devices I'd surely make the standard man-head size.

I had promised a sketch for a friend at work to use in a flyer for a Desk and Derrick function at the zoo. Desk and Derrick is an organization of women who work in the energy industry. That's another project I was determined to get finished this weekend. The general idea was to make zoo animals look like roustabouts. I decided on the kangaroo early on, because to my eye it seemed to be the animal who would look the most reasonable wearing work gloves. I had a lot of trouble deciding on another animal until I thought of making a snake be the bit. I'm having my doubts about the general appearance of the kangaroo - I think it looks like a dog. Still, I think in a lot of ways I think they do have a superficial resemblance to dogs. I hope it will suit the purpose for my friend.

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