Friday, May 25, 2007

Mad Women of the Prairie Ride Again

This will be a camping weekend. We'll be participating in the Tour De Meers ride on Saturday. Shana and I will be staying through until Monday afternoon, if the rain doesn't get too bad. The forecast is NOT good. Still, we can still have fun in the Taj M'Shana - I'm bringing cards & other indoor entertainments. If it's not absolutely pouring down we can still enjoy a little hike. This picture is from a previous visit. I'll load up some new ones Monday night.

I did visit Miss Vivian today, but as usual my camera would not cooperate so I have no new pictures. She's still might cute, even though she slept through almost my whole visit.

Gotta run - I'm supposed to be packing the car instead of nattering on. I have not even started to get my clothes together and I can't find my binoculars, so I'd better flame on, since I', only 20 minutes from departure time.

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