Friday, May 18, 2007

A Break in the Action

It's finally Friday afternoon - my golden time all to myself. The weather is perfect and Roxy is at Social Club, so I'll be on my bicycle in a few minutes taking a turn around the lake - sprints and intervals if I'm smart. I've already made my ritual appearance at the local Hancock Fabrics - the one near me is closing, so I'm cruising by once in a while to pick up a few things at bargain prices. Today's haul included some buttons, 5 skeins of Lion Brand wool yarn, a little embroidery hoop, a big package of embroidery floss, a packet of fat quarters, and some knitting needles. The entire price was just under $25.00. I'm trying to keep the balance between picking up things I know I will use for a great price and buying a bunch of junk just because it's cheap. They have a lot of fabric still, but I really need to have some projects in mind before I buy any. I don't really do a lot of sewing these days and I don't want to amass a big fabric stash that I have no plans for.

Vivian's sweater is nearly done. The knitting is done, and I lack only the assembly. I picked up a few more buttons to try. The buttonholes came out a little larger than I thought they would, and the garter stitch texture really needed something a little larger even if they had not been so large. I'll have enough yarn to make a little cap to go with it. I'm thinking one with a turn up brim in the box stitch that accents the sweater. I'll put ribbing under the brim to snuggle up to her little head. A pom-pom is not out of the question.

There are a couple of other projects in the works for this weekend. I have a little art project for a friend which I promised for Monday. Also I've offered to be a part of The Mothers' Day Project. This is an art project by Ann Landre which will consist of tote bags featuring the embroidered names of American servicewomen who have died in Iraq. Each name will be embroidered by a different woman. Then tote bags will be assembled with these names. The bags will circulate among the participants to be displayed or shared in any way we choose to call attention to those women lost to the war. I have my name: Regina C. Reali. She was a 25 year old Army Sergeant, killed by an IED in Baghdad.

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