Monday, May 14, 2007

Mothering Sunday

On Mothers' Day Samantha told me she was going to stop by and give me a gift (turned out to be a massive rechargeable screwdriver head and socket set - a very handy item indeed), then go over to Alex's house to babysit so Alex and Jamie could go out for dinner. Of course I suggested that I go over too so we could visit and we could both maul the baby. By the time we got there Alex and Jamie had decided to order carryout from Olive Garden because every restaurant in town was slammed. Just before we got there Samantha told me Alex was going to propose over dinner. Sam and I played with the baby and visited with Jamie until Alex got back with the food, then they went into the other room and we started a movie. Alex came out a couple of times looking NERVOUS & we laughed. In a little bit they came out all smiles to give us the good news. They were sooo happy, and so were Sam and I. It was fun to be there and be in on the surprise.

It was the last touch on a really nice weekend. We were fortunate in the weather department I got out for two nice bike rides with a selection of WAACO's. Rita's birthday party was outside on Buddy's patio, which is always the nicest place to be in May. I was going to take some pictures so Shana could see everyone, but through a process of confusion and stupidity I did not bring my camera. Pat took some and I am hoping she emails them around because no one else remembered theirs either. I got some yard work done, including a clean out of the rose garden. Too bad today I have to go back to work.

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