Saturday, May 12, 2007

Home Alone

Shana is on her way to Marco Island this morning, setting off for a week at the beach. I was not able to go this time, but she really needed the break and there was no reason for her not to go with friends. I'll have plenty to do here to keep me out of trouble. By coincidence, her mother is coming Thursday, so my plan it to get the house in reasonable order before then so it does not look like the lair of wild beasts, and enjoy her mother's company until Shana arrives back in the city. The trip was not so much meant to be a visit to Shana as a chance for Inace to get together with Nancy, so it does not matter much that Shana will not get back in town until the day before Inace leaves. Fortunately she's an easy house guest, with plenty of plans for herself.

Also on the menu for the weekend are a couple of bike rides with assorted WAACO's, and Aunt Rita's birthday party. Also Mothers' Day is tomorrow, and "those people" may or may not plan something for me.

Knitting this week seems to be mostly purple, which is odd because I seldom wear purple. Up close to my face it makes me look like a cheese, and not a very nice one. However, purple feet should not be a problem until I get enough flexibility to wrap my feet around my neck. I don't think that day is very close. The big ball is Lonesome Stone Mountain Feat in shades of Lavender from Shuttles, Spindles & Skeins in Boulder, where Mom and I went on our yarn crawl in March. It looks denim blue in this picture, but in person it is all shades from deep purple to lavender. In the ball it looks like a giant eggplant. It is going to be another pair of Monkey socks. I love the pattern and I'm sure it's going to suit this yarn perfectly. The other purple on the needles is Wildfoote in Rhapsody, in my favorite 3x1 rib. The colors are nice and rich (pretty true in this photo, at least on my monitor), so even in a basic rib it will make a very pretty pair of socks. This was the first pair I cast on for after the Koigu Monkey Socks, so initially I was sure the wool felt like barbed wire, but actually it is very nice and soft.

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