Saturday, June 09, 2012

Just Another Day at the Beach

I know - how we suffer, but someone has to make the sacrifice of making the rounds of the beautiful beaches of Cape Cod ! Today it was Sandy Neck in Sandwich. It's a rocky beach, very uncomfortable for the feet, but accessed by a beautiful boardwalk across a large marsh. The water was still cold (about 48°) but it felt a lot warmer than Nauset. We could sit on the rocks with our feet in the water and watch Logan play around in the water. He was having a lot of fun jumping from rock to rock and yelling things in pirate talk, but the tide was coming in fast so we cleared out sooner than he wanted. One of our special treats was seeing kids fishing off the boardwalk for crabs with chicken legs for bait. Kind of gruesome but fun. They were not keeping the crabs - just filling up buckets with their catch and throwing them back Logan can hardly wait to try it.

We went on into Sandwich Center and poked around in some of the shops. I found a cute container for the potpourri in my guest room, and made note of an especially appealing watercolor/multi media work by Mary Ross at  My Sister's Gallery. We also indulged in treats from Beth's Special Teas which is not only a really cute little cafe, but also serves wonderful pastries.


lacochran's evil twin said...

You *do* have it rough. :)

zippiknits...sometimes said...

hmmm? Well, I want to go there now, see what you've done? Do you realize how far away that is? ;-)

And only three tries for the Capcha, too. Wooo hoooo!