Friday, June 08, 2012

And the Beach Goes on

Today Logan, Jennifer and I went out to sample another Cape Cod beach (Beach #3 if you're counting, and #4 if you count a peek at Highland). This time I chose Nauset Beach on the Atlantic coast, which I think is one of the nicest beaches on the Cape. It's long, the sand is clean and pretty, and it has services: public restrooms, outdoor showers, and a clam shack. It's a wildly popular beach in season and can be really crowded, but today only a very few were there to enjoy its beauty. The heavy influx of tourists is really here in July and although temperatures are cool now the beach is still pretty and I don't get in the water anyway. I prefer to stay out of any water cooler than 80°. When we arrived it was super foggy and really cold. We were there at low tide, so we had a huge expanse of level sand to enjoy. Once the fog burned off and the sun came out we were warm enough, but the water is still too cool to go in. Water temperatures are running around 43° today, so we barely dunked our feet. Logan kept getting himself wet, so there was much changing of clothes and wrapping in towels. Some hardier (crazy) souls actually got into the water and swam. The sand was warm and the breeze moderate - a perfect beach day, and a perfect day to get a little sunburn. I wanted Logan to see some seals, but there were only a few around and he did not have the patience to wait and watch for them to appear. When they are swimming there is not much to see, just little black heads!

Once we came off the beach Logan was covered in sand and got to experience an outdoor shower. He found it thrilling, especially in light of the fact that he enjoys public nudity whenever possible. We went on to Zia's Pizzeria for some delicious sandwiches and baked goods, then drove out to look at the Highland Light. By the time we left there everyone was pretty tired and it was getting late. Once home we got some ribs on the grill and settled in for a quiet evening. Roxy kept slipping out of the house but never left the general vicinity of the delicious smelling grill so we didn't have to track her down.

Earlier in the day Logan and I went to the dump - he was interested in seeing our recycling center. Lots of questions!

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