Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Beach Baby

In spite of a stinky forecast Jennifer, Logan and I headed for Chatham this morning with a plan to take a walk on the beach. We had been planning to visit the Chatham Train Depot which is now a museum, but it will not be open for the season for at least another week. We were disappointed but decided to get some lunch and take a walk on the beach. The weather was not great but when you're near the beach you may not consider that a deal breaker.

We stopped at Larry's PX for lunch - both of us enjoy a diner. Larry's has mixed reviews around the Internet, but Jennifer and I each had perfectly cooked cheese and avocado omelets and were very satisfied with our lunches. Logan was not in an eating mood, but we ordered mac n cheese for him anyway. Instead he chose to eat some of our toast and a glass of chocolate milk. We took all of his macaroni home for his dinner.

By the time we got to the beach the clouds were clearing. We took a peek inside the Chatham Light and had the talk from the Coast Guard guide and then went for a nice long walk on the beach. That activity was very much to Logan's taste - running and shouting is the sort of thing he most enjoys. We could not go into the water because of the severe undertow, but only a maniac would choose to go into that cold water anyway. We were not disappointed to have to stay out. By the time we turned back to return to our car our walk just about wore us out and we arrived at the parking lot pleasantly tired.We still had some errands to run and I can tell you they were not appealing at all, except for the quick stop at Marion's Pie Shop for a  bit of blueberry heaven. Logan napped in the car every time we started driving. Tomorrow will not be an active day - I have to work, but Logan and I will take a thrilling trip to the dump in the morning before I need to get ready.

I did promise a look at yesterday's tantrum, so here it is:

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