Monday, June 18, 2012

Jennifer's Summer Tour 2012

The Very Serious Boy at Boston Garden
Jennifer's gone on to Cleveland, Ohio for the next phase of her Summer Tour 2012 and I still had pictures in my camera that had not been uploaded. We were pretty much finished with beach visits although we did revisit Sandy Neck. The second week of her visit was more about visiting towns.

We took a day to go to Boston for a quick visit. Part of the fun was taking the subway. Logan has a big interest in trains and this was his first experience on the T. When we went in in the morning it was pretty easy, especially since we picked it up at the end of the Red Line but coming back the train was jammed to the ceiling with people. Lucky for me as a grandmother with the "baby" on my lap I got a seat leaving Park Street Station. We didn't do a lot in town, staying mainly around the Boston Common area. We visited Boston Common with its nice children's playground and had a nice lunch at Max & Dylan's Downtown which was pretty empty by the time we got there, so we were able to get a table in a quiet area where we had in some hope of a little boy eating. Then we went practically next door to the Brattle Book Shop  which had caught our eye by having a huge outdoor shopping area. Loads of people were shopping in this fascinating shop, both indoors and out. I picked up a book for Logan about Thor Heyerdahl's Kon-Tiki which had been published for the younger reader with a wealth of pictures. I remember being interested by this trip and had read the adult book about it when I was a girl. Logan was very interested in the book, much to my satisfaction. Jennifer picked out a couple of vintage storybooks for Logan. I replaced my copy of Stitch & Bitch by Debbie Stoller, an 80's vintage Better Homes and Gardens knitting book, and a nice book on colorwork. This is what we though was suitable for dragging along with us through the streets of Boston! We went on to window shop on Newbury Street and made our pilgrimage to Lush before returning to the Cape. 

We spent a couple of hours of a rainy afternoon at the Cape Cod Children's Museum. There were plenty of kids to play with but not too many for Logan to enjoy playing with everything. It is a good place to go with a little guy, lots to do and not overwhelmingly large. We went back home to cooked up come roast chicken and macaroni & cheese for dinner. We don't have a chance to cook together very often these days, so it was a treat to share the kitchen.

We visited the aquarium at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute Thursday including the daily seal feeding. What the aquarium lacks in glitzy display standards it makes up for in information and the feel of a behind the scenes experience. Afterwards we took a stroll on the pier, then shopped in downtown Falmouth, including an ice cream at Ben and Bill's Chocolate Emporium. The chocolates looked beautiful and even for someone spoiled by the delicious ice creams available everywhere on the Cape in summer their KGB ice cream is something special. Dinner at Betsy's Diner finished the day.

Jennifer and a dummy
We took advantage of beautiful weather Friday to drive out to Provincetown for the afternoon. We enjoyed lunch at Patio and enjoyed a walk on Commercial Street. We browsed through quite a few stores, but our favorite that day was Luxories, where we indulged in some beautiful things. Sadly this shop does not have a website, but their inventory of imported treats at excellent prices was just what we were looking for. Jennifer picked up some bracelets and gifts; I selected a beautiful scarf/shawl (the indispensable accessory for Cape Cod's changeable temperatures) from Turkey and a bracelet of water buffalo horn plus a bracelet for Shana. We had a coffee and a rest at Wired Puppy, then on to the Whydah Pirate Museum. Logan was charmed to be greeted by a man in pirate dress who gave him a piece of pirate treasure. Jennifer and I were fascinated by the jewels in a cannon. It is a small museum, but quite interesting, and its site on Macmillan Wharf is not only convenient to parking but beautiful. On the way home we stopped in Hyannis at The Cape Cod Brewery just minutes before they closed to get our Cape Cod bear shirts. They were already out of large and extra large shirts so we took mediums and ran! I was prepared to run in the next day and mail Jennifer's to her, but they would have been sold out before I got there. Lucky we drove fast!

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