Sunday, June 10, 2012

Beach Blanket Logan

For a change of pace we went to the beach today. This time it was the Mashpee Town Beach, which is on the south shore on the Vineyard Sound. You can see Martha's Vineyard from the beach, and the water is a little warmer. This week it's hovering around 60°. The beach is long but narrow with excellent access from the parking lot - when you park you are right there on the beach. Sadly today there was a lot of seaweed in the water, which was less than optimal. But the weather was perfect and there was plenty of room to play in the sand.

We were not planning to stay long - I have to work today, but we left even sooner than planned. Logan was surprised to hear that he was not a pharaoh and he could not compel his mother to build the pyramid of his dreams. When the screaming gave way to shoving and sand kicking we packed it in.


Xtreme English said...

Love the beach photos, but i especially LOVE the one at the top of your blog! Wish I could find one of the ND prairies like this: big, empty, but full of life. Think I have one somewhere.....

anyway, your big photo cheers me every time i visit cinderellen's corner! thanks

Kay Dennison said...

Love Logan!!! Love the beach!!!

I am green with envy on this grey Ohio day!