Sunday, October 23, 2011

There Will Be Knitting

Given the number of times I have been visiting yarn stores and farms it's about time I posted something like a finished knitted object. I actually have two finished objects to post for an exciting change of pace.  You'd think the astonishing output this month would indicate I will be running short of stash yarn, but not so. Todays visit to the Little Farm on Cape Cod yielded a lovely sunshine colored hand painted sock yarn to replace anything I may have accidentally used up.

One is the Birthday Cowl by Nova Seals, knit in a delicious merino and silk blend from Manos del Uruguay. I picked up this yarn at Black Purl during the Cape Cod Yarn Crawl. The cowl is very pretty and a fast knit. The other is a pair of socks from the Cookie A pattern Wanida in a bright turquoise yarn from Regia that has been marinating in my stash for some time. The original pattern has one more pattern repeat on the foot than I ended up doing (I was not sure about the foot length), but otherwise no changes.

We are enjoying beautiful fall weather here, so I have been outside walking in the woods a bit. This week Roxy and I took a walk in the Boyden Farm Conservation Lands. The reward for that so far has been a deer tick bite. I am currently "enjoying" a prophylactic course of doxycycline which has to be taken on an empty stomach, guaranteeing nearly instant int3nse nausea 9with sweating).  I am assured that Lyme Disease is worse but it's hard to imagine how. I do wear long pants and long sleeves whenever I go walking in the woods but that's not always enough protection.

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