Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Before and After Five

After having stripped a lot of it to the studs the bathroom is finally finished, except for the vanity drawer pulls and a window treatment. I am currently haunting Spoonflower for a suitable print. I have scoured the local Joann's and will be hitting the other fabric sources on the Cape, but I suspect I may be looking for this fabric for some time.  The colors in the floor and shower are a little uncommon and I want something outstanding to go with them. This may not be the final wall color, but this is the one I wanted and because I had nearly a gallon of it I went ahead with it because having the walls half painted was so much worse and it was depressing me. In the picture the new color looks just like the old, but it's just a trick of the flash.  The old color was a dingy kind of grey. The new color is the same pale grey I used on all the rooms on the back side of the house.

We started with a beige fiberglass tub enclosure and  grannyish stick on tiles that probably came from the 70's. We took out the tub and replaced it with a nice big ceramic tile shower with a glass tile trim. The beige toilet came out; the white toilet was installed. We removed the old oak vanity with the beige sink and replaced it with a grey stained rustic pine with a quartz top (ECO, color crystal ash) and white sink. The faucets and shower heads are brushed nickel with a bamboo theme. None of them show in my pictures - you'll just have to take my word for it that they are spectacular! The floor is Marmoleum (color #3403 Asian Tiger). I love the shower. Some people think for resale you should never remove the only bath tub, but for our personal use the shower is so much more what we wanted.

The pictures on the wall are sunset pictures I took during a vacation on Marco Island, where we used to vacation every summer.  The terrarium is my own creation.

This week I also made a little makeshift bird feeder out of a soda bottle - it's not much to look at but it draws loads of adorable little birds in the morning, as does the suet feeder I have on one of the back yard trees. Of course the fat squirrels are very interested in both.


lacochran's evil twin said...

That bathroom looks so nice! Come do mine!!

zippiknits...sometimes said...

Yes, please come do mine, too, pretty please!

The squirrel looks like it's reading some sort of number pad for unlocking the goodies.