Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Now That the Tourists Are Gone

During the summer on Cape Cod the beaches are full of tourists. There is no parking, all of the beaches require stickers and/or payment for parking, and dogs are not welcome. I got around some of the issues last summer because I was living within walking distance of the shore, and I had the benefit of a yacht club membership. If I got out early enough or late enough I could get the dogs out for a walk on the beach without anyone from the yacht club complaining. Next summer I'll get a sticker for the Mashpee Town Beach, use my old strategies for Falmouth, and visit where I please after 4:00 pm (the magic hour for free access!).

Until Memorial Day the beaches are free and the locals are out in force to enjoy them. We bring our dogs, park where we please and enjoy the solitude. Yesterday I went to the Sandwich Town Beach by way of their beautiful boardwalk across the marsh with Roxy. It's about a 15 minute drive from my house. Although I heard a comment that there were a lot of people on the beach (good weather with rain coming later this week) I was seldom where I could hear the voice of another person.  The locals go to the beach all winter and so will I. The water here is not really warm enough for me to enjoy swimming, and walking on the beach is enjoyable in all weathers.

Yesterday we visited at low tide - lots of exposed rocks and tide pools which Roxy did not care for - she was relieved when we moved further up on the beach where she had more comfortable footing. She loves a walk on the beach - there is always a chance of finding some fragrant dead thing and she's very interested in gulls.


Kay Dennison said...

How I envy these glorious vistas!!!

zippiknits...sometimes said...

It's lovely to live somewhere with beautiful beaches. Our beaches are pretty crowded during summer,too. I don't mind the people, but really hate the parking situation. Carmel is still the most beautiful California beach.

Before 6 am, dogs can be on any beach, here. There's a special beach here called Dog Beach, and the dogs all seem to love it. It's a happy place for socializing dogs.

Thanks for sharing your ramble. :-)