Friday, June 24, 2011

A Valuable Tip

My usual strategy when traveling is to wear the heaviest pieces of clothing (shoes, sweaters, jackets) and pack the rest, but if you must pack a jacket in your carry on luggage here's the way to do it. Be advised this video has no sound - please don't adjust your set!

Next week at this time I will be dragging boxes into my new house. I can't wait to see what's in storage! Arguably whatever has been in storage for the last three months except for my deep winter wardrobe and our batterie de cuisine is no longer essential to sustain life, but I would maintain that my flip flop collection is a summer necessity (even though my chiropractor forbids them). Also I have only 3 pairs of earrings and less than one carton of books with me. This is simply insufficient!

 The mortgage lender is still asking for stuff, and my annuity provider is now 2 for 2 in losing my checks. I did not think that annuity checks should all be reissued at least once every month, but maybe I was mistaken? I promised them this week if I did not have my payment by Saturday I would start calling daily beginning Monday morning and tweeting twice a day about how unhappy I am with their company, naming names. This was not sufficient inducement to FedEx my payment, so I guess they are not as concerned as I am. Truly it would not be SUCH a big deal if my mortgage people did not need an image of the check.

The pictures are from the Nauset Marsh Trail where I visited this weekend.


Kay Dennison said...

Great tip!!

Great photos!!!!!!

Way to fight back!!!!! I hope all this gets resolved ASAP!!! I've used similar strategies including threatening to name names before a Congressional committiee.

Xtreme English said...

Good luck on the move! Ill be moving soon, too, if all goes as planned (notice i did not say "if all goes WELL")