Friday, June 10, 2011

THIS is What I should Have Played in High School

When I was in high school I was a member of the R. B. Chamberlin marching band.  It was kind of accidental. My boyfriend was in the band, and the band director told me if I was going to be in the band I would have to play something. Because my father would not let me use his old coronet (unfeminine) and there was no money to buy another instrument I chose one which would be supplied by the school. The sousaphone was the easiest to learn, and most importantly, the bass section was seated behind the saxophone section in the band room.  Eventually the seating arrangement was less important and my brother joined the band with the family coronet, but my experiences with the band remain one of the most positive from my high school years.

We have only 20 days to go until we close on our new house. I'm not yet employed, but I believe one prospective employer is checking my references this week (I hope no one says anything mean about me!). Things are falling into place, so although I feel like I am a bit stuck in the provisional life at the moment I can see that this state of affairs won't last forever.

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jaykaym said...

It is those accidental experiences that shape our memories. Take a deep breath and remember, "life is good." And I'll be counting down the 20 days with you.