Thursday, June 02, 2011

The Table

When Shana and I bought our house on Flamingo we did not have anything like enough furniture to fill it.  We "borrowed' quite a few pieces from her dad that he still had from his marriage to Shana's mother.  One of the items was "The Table". With its gilded dolphin feet and inlayed top it is a beautiful piece of furniture; it's also probably 5' in diameter.  In our large living room on Flamingo it was a dramatic centerpiece.  When we moved to 60th street we no longer had room for it and returned it to Shana's dad.

When Shana started talking to her mother about our moving to The Cape we became aware that her mother did not want her ex husband to have this table, and that she thought it was absolutely vital to her happiness that we reclaim this piece of furniture. So now we have it in our storage unit with the rest of our few bits furniture. I was hoping it would accidentally get left on the truck! Our new living room is 173 square ft in area.  The Table is probably about 20sq ft in area.  The living room is the largest room in the house, including the basement.  I am having anxiety attacks over this giant object, which in addition to being huge is too heavy to enjoy moving around to try it out all over the place.  I believe it will be taking up residence in the Rumpus where it will not quite crowd out Shana's Man-Chair! It's just another example of my obsessive brooding over which objects and furniture will make the cut in our new (small) space. I can't know until we move how things will fit and look, so it's just an anxiety provoking activity.

Pictures are my project room (featuring home inspector), the living room with realtors, and the rumpus of our new house taken during our home inspection. These are examples of the sort of spaces I'm thinking about decorating. I know not too many people will be interested in my project room, but I am really excited about it because it's going to be a place where work in progress can stay out until it is finished! The workbench is staying with the house and will be tool and supply central. Bicycles will also live in this room.

We're fine after the rash or tornadoes that tore across western Massachusetts - the severe weather was quite far from us.

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Kay Dennison said...

Glad you are safe. Looks like you have a 'white elephant' in the living room. I know you'll come up with creative solution.