Sunday, September 19, 2010

Saturday Afternoon With Football

Our usual Saturday afternoon in fall includes a Sooner football game on TV with some unsuitable and delicious snacks. Often we have company to enjoy the game with us and some kind of barbecue meal.

This week we had Aunt Rita over to watch football with us all day. She's a big fan. What she lacks in knowledge she more than makes up for in enthusiasm. James came over with April, some andouille and some cajun boudin blanc to round out our meal of smoked ribs, potato salad, and baked beans with side snacks of chips and dip and crackers with a ham spread. I made up some purple ice cream with the last of our farm blackberries, but due to my deciding to make it at the last minute only April had some last night - it was slushy but delicious. I had some for lunch today, followed by potato chips. That's what I would consider a perfectly balanced meal of junk food.

I worked on some sock knitting while I watched the game. (Hermione's Everyday Socks in Berroco Socks metallic - nice picture will be posted after they are washed and blocked) April was fascinated by my knitting, as most children seem to be. She held my yarn for me, measured my progress every fifteen minutes or so, and experimented with trying a few stitches herself. She also "held" my yarn by sitting on the skein, got a nice big tangle in the yarn, and pulled a few stitches off the needle. Typical little kid stuff, and really not too bad for a five year old hanging out while the grown ups watched football. This picture of April is a pose meant to convince me that I really should knit some socks in a little girl size, or at the very least a purple hat.

This image of rapt attention is what I see every morning - the attention is not meant for me, but for breakfast - one of the three most exciting things that happen all day. The other two are DINNER (more exciting because it usually features something extra added to the kibble), and walk time (the ultimate in doggie entertainment).


lacochran's evil twin said...

I get the same expression at dinnertime.

This Eclectic Life said...

blackberry ice cream and potato chips? Are we twins, separated at birth?
Nahhh. You aren't old enough (or I'm too old).
Sounds like an enjoyable weekend.

zippiknits...sometimes said...

"That's what I would consider a perfectly balanced meal of junk food."

Well, Yay! And yes, perfect. hehe

The socks are gorgeous things! I'm stealing your link. ;o) Will you make the cute little kid some?

Yes, doggie happy times are the same here. Walkies, and meals. Your doggies are so cute.

I feed Wolf at night, and DH feeds him at 5 am in the morning. No way can I get up at that time.