Saturday, September 25, 2010

Experience Does not Protect you from Motorists

I just read that premier endurance cyclist Jure Robic was killed in a traffic accident in his home country of Slovenia. He was a five time winner (including 2010) of RAAM - Race Across America. This year he rode across America in 8 days with only 8 hours of sleep. The video below was taken in Kansas at this year's RAAM and features brief interviews with Jure Robic, his nearest competitor, and their crew members.

The toll this year of cyclists killed by motorists has been heartbreaking. This year in Oklahoma two experienced cyclists were killed on the same day in a part of town where I often ride alone myself. I know there are things a cyclist should do to make an encounter with a motorist less likely, but I don't think anyone can say that these men erred due to ignorance or carelessness. I lay the blame squarely on motorists, and the automobile culture that supports an idea that since no one else has a right to the road it's no big deal if a pedestrian or cyclist is injured or killed. Awareness must be built into driver education programs, in school children, in everyone.

Please, when you are in your car, be aware that we are out there - your family, your friends, your fellow citizens. SHARE THE ROAD.


naomi dagen bloom said...

Ellen, Thanks for your comment on my blog. Long white gloves, indeed!

Bicyclists and walkers need to join one another in our causes. We need to support one another as cars become more dangerous. Here in Portland, Oregon, I've joined the Willamette Pedestrian Council, local group of

Learned that AAA wants Congress wants to cut transportation funds used for walk/bike/trails and shift them to vehicle lanes! There's a petition to sign.

zippiknits...sometimes said...

I still have scars from a motorist that pulled right in front of me. The police were right there, too!

I'm so sorry to hear of this.

We belong to RailsToTrails. I hope Congress isn't going to go back on the program! *spits*