Sunday, September 12, 2010

I'm Having an Aarti Paarti

After watching "The Next Food Network Star" with interest especially when my favorite won, you can imagine my disappointment when scheduling conflicts prevented me from seeing her show. Finally I remembered that we are living in the 21st century and have DVR!

Finally I sat down to watch Aarti Sequiera starring in her own show. It's a combination of cooking, Indian culture and family life, and Aarti's amazing bubbly personality. It's a really nice show. I love the host, set design, concept, graphics, everything.

I'm a big fan of the Food Network, but I have to say I am not so interested in still another show about barbecue, grilling, or the giant ego of Bobby Flay. I'm not so interested in giant cake contests either. Indian home cooking - bring it on. I love to make exotic ethnic dishes in my own kitchen, and a show that gives my some real info about using the spices in a way that fits into my schedule and kitchen equipment is just what I need. I've got good access to ingredients, but not as much information about how to use these ingredients short of the complicated recipes in my beautiful Indian cookbooks.

I was going out this afternoon for a shopping trip with Samantha and Shana sent me out with a list of things to get from the Indian grocery so she could make me the delicious looking baked samosas with mint chutney we saw on today's show. As you can see they were delicious and I loooooved them.

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This Eclectic Life said...

Arrgh! I wanna get an invite! I haven't tried much Indian cooking, but I love it. I usually hit the buffet, so I don't even have a good idea of what I'm eating, but you said it right, "bring it on!"