Saturday, July 31, 2010

Terror at the Charcoal Oven

Shana and I had a very busy day today, starting with a ride around Lake Hefner which was a very mixed experience. The weather was perfect, but there was apparently some kind of running event this morning which put lots of joggers on the trails. There is no separate pedestrian trail on the west side of the lake, so the presence of a lot of joggers was to be expected if not enjoyed. On the East side of the lake there is not only a separate pedestrian trail but also prominent signs on the bike path that say in large letters "PEDESTRIANS PROHIBITED". Apparently runners have wheels. It is the only possible explanation.

I tried to get close to a big flock of geese for a picture but they weren't having any of it. I have a strong desire to see what a goose neck feels like, but little hope of satisfying my curiosity. I suspect they would school me in proper behavior towards geese right away.

We did some shopping, and later got carry out hamburgers from the Charcoal Oven (an acquired taste, I think). I believe the owners of this particular restaurant to be from the Middle East, with serviceable but not perfect English. When I ordered my burger I asked for "sauce". When he repeated my order he offered to give me a burger with SOUSE. I could hardly wait to examine my dinner lest I find a big old slice of mystery meat inside the bun!

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